Lubrichem Seamer oil 150
Lubrichem Seamer oil 150
Lubrichem Seamer Oil is a high performance problem solver for use in the canning industry. It is formulated to lubricate main turrets, bearings, chains and gears. Lubrichem Seamer Oil provides viscosity control in the presence of water and excellent load-carrying properties and corrosion inhibitor to protect seamer components. It works as an emulsifier where contamination of the oil with water, juices and sugar may occur to eliminate free water. Lubrichem Seamer Oil is made of a high quality paraffinic petroleum lubricating oil with ash less dispersant, rust and oxidation inhibited, anti-wear protection, non-foaming, extreme pressure protection, and emulsifier.
Lubrichem Seamer Oil is specially developed for use in can seamers like Angelus where re-circulation systems are installed. When a ‘total loss emulsifying lubricant is required please use Lubrichem Seamer Oil.
  • Lubrichem Seamer Oil absorbs free water and juices and transports this to the recirculation tank for easy removal.
  • Lubrichem Seamer Oil reduces contact staining which can lead to heavy pitting, rust & corrosion