Food grade Chain fluids (HT & LT)
Food grade Chain fluids (HT & LT)
Fully synthetic food grade, adhesive fluids for the lubrication of drive chains, conveyor chains, gearboxes and reduction units. Lubrichem Chain oil series contains special additives that extend relubrication intervals significantly. It can be used in situations where incidental contact with food can occur. These fluids are inhibited against oxidation and therefore give an elongated wet film that stays stable within a wide range of temperatures.
  • Excellent penetrating properties
  • Extended chain life
  • Tacky
  • Non-drip and no fling
  • Excellent water and corrosion resistance
  • Resistant against acidic materials
  • Wide working temperature range
For drive and conveyor chains it can be applied by brush or manually. It can also be applied automatically using a central drip feed system.